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Financial Derivatives 101

I'm no 'HooHa' but let's say that I'm also no Banker Extrordinaire. I got no MBA. I'm no resident expert on the financial systems of the world. I try to stomach through a medicinal dose of conspiracy theory videos about the banking system. The only credentials I hold are those of an Industrial Designer, and I'm afraid they've expired from lack of use.

If only that were so for the debt.

All that said, what I am is a mathematician.

I do math problems in my head that I apply to everything around me when I'm walking down the street. I read books about Math. I have mathematical diagrams on my walls in the office representing problems that I am currently solving. As a programmer I do math for work.

Plato and the Calculus of a Dimension Shift

I don't know about you, but when I read Plato in High School and then again in College/s, I had to wonder a little about what they were pumping into the campus water that made this guy so friggen important. Particularly the Platonic forms. I just didn't get it. Who gives a fuck about 'Chairness'?

Dude going on and on, boring his own damn self. Please.

Pan out like, I don't know, say 20-30 years later, and I'm having a bit of an 'Aha' moment out of the blue but surprisingly coming from what we earthlings would typically classify (in all of our silliness) as an 'Eastern' frame of reference.

Least we forget ourselves

NOLA House

I remember an indomitable spirit when I was 8 and prancing around in the forest or at a campground somewhere. Something that would overtake me, and that gave everything a smell and taste and feel of something really special always about to happen.

I wonder if 8 year old's still feel that way.

I wonder if 8 year old's still go around mesmerized by the puzzle-piece-butterscotch of some ponderosa pines: go around walking just to find and smell the candy bark. Or pulling down Usnea and chewing it, and thinking about how in my mouth is a symbiosis of an algae and a fungus.

Or like talking to the birds.

Do 8 year old's still talk to the birds?

The Looking Glass, and the possible nature of the Snowden revelations


The quality of some of my time these days seems punctuated strongly by the literal sense of other cities, other times, other frames of reference.

We come into this life and we start growing. I am a different person now than I was, say 30 years ago. Somehow these last weeks, the dreams I had then I am re-experiencing now through a different lens.

Fukushima, living in a post-historic world, and doing my part to put the rap back into rapture. art courtesy of

These days I begin my morning with a bowel movement, a smoothie, and short self-reminding acknowledgment that I am living in a post-historic world.

What that means for me transcends what I have normally understood when the Buddhists and other spiritual traditions talk about non-permanence.

If we're going to get fucked, let's get fucked together with the lights on.


The relationship each of us individually has with our planet's existence is looking more and more like that of the relationship with a beloved family member or friend who has been told they have a potentially fatal disease.

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