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Agile, the Philosopher's Stone, and the sound of one hand clapping.

Say the word 'Agile' or 'SCRUM' in certain circles, and the air can develop a kind of jello-like quality, the even gate of time is seen to tick-tock ever so slightly slower, the lights flicker, eyes roll, people start fidgeting with their hands.

I have been a software developer now for 11 years, and have been hearing about 'Agile' for at least the last 8, and I have yet to work for anyone who has managed the grand feat of practising pure 'Agile/SCRUM'.

We are dreaming ourselves into existence.

constellation of time

Verse 1:

We are dreaming ourselves into existence.

In a process many of us mistake for complaining, we are dreaming the next thing. You are doing it every day. You were probably doing it before you started reading this.

But now there's this clearing. What to fill it with?

We are dreaming ourselves into existence.

Weaving a tapestry we only vaguely feel we are the makers of, are we choosing the important battles? Are we putting out the flame of whatever candles were still lit in honor of the establishment, and taking those candles to gods who actually give a fuck about us?

The Witches Slippers: the Ruby and the Laser.


First off, we start with a Ruby.

It's the start of all good stories, really. Imagine it beautiful and regally suspended, and wrap it in material that reflects perfectly the light, and give it a shape that refracts the light equally as perfectly.

And then imagine sending a searing beam of a very pure light inside the encasement wherein the ruby sits suspended and perfectly cut.

The ruby goes nuts, of course.
You can imagine.

All this light that never leaves reflecting on and in and through itself over and over without end.

How to hire a Developer: a guide for those who have been burned.


So you've been burned by a technology professional, and you're worried about jumping back in. This is for you. You are my clients. I come in after the storm and clean up, or help you understand how to get out of the corner you seem to have painted yourself into.

You hire a professional because there are business needs you have that lie outside of the expertise that you and/or your organization command or even understand. In the highway of capitalism, these conditions are rife with opportunities for things to go wrong. When they do, it's easy to find fault in the person who promised you a bitchin Camaro and delivered a Yugo.

Open Letter to Randy Powell with regards to how his Donuts may coorelate with the Mayan Calendar


A potential future colleague of mine seems to be playing hide and seek at the moment, in all likelihood for the best of reasons. And all the while I seem to be on this series of hell-bent and crazy sounding open letters to up and coming revolutionary scientists - I figure why stop?

With that in mind, I would like to offer another thicker than peanut butter and somewhat obscured open letter to Randy Powell in gratitude for his donuts. Randy is a person who I would like to offer a deep deep bow to - for his perseverance, his belief in the infinite, and his quest for the holy grail. Randy, I wish you and your team the best on your journey.

I believe that there are some sacred and ancient texts/manuscripts/diagrams that exhibit a holographic quality.

BLUR: a new paradigm for engagement

weird two-faced dude

I am looking for a great project. My engagement with the projects I have been focusing on has organically either hit a maintenance phase or has been completed, and I am finding myself, as many entrepreneurs do from time to time, under-utilized.

I'm not looking for a job, I'm looking for a context in which I can use the things that I am good at like well oiled tools.

I'm looking for a group of people I can join voices and hands with to create a world that is beautiful.

It used to be, when you were seeking employment, that the prospective employer and correlated HR department did not have access to any information about you beyond your references and your CV. There was a natural buffer between the public and the private: between your professional existence and your personal life.

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